Al’s Pancake World

Home of the best international cuisine in Stars Hollow. A new global delicacy every week. Join us for Grab Bag day. You never know what you’re gonna get. (No pancakes sold here.)

Antonioli’s Restaurant

Come on down to Antonioli’s Restaurant and Pizzeria. Home of the world’s (almost) largest pizza! We’ve got the speediest delivery and best pizza in Stars Hollow. Take that, Al.

Black & White & Read Bookshop

The only bookstore in town that shows films. We’ve got classics like Pippi Longstocking, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, and a series of graphically violent Driver’s Ed films.

Bootsy’s Newsstand

The go-to destination in Stars Hollow for information. Be it from newspapers and magazines or from Miss Patty who just kind of hangs around. Bootsy requested that his listing not be placed next to Luke’s in this directory.

Buff Rite, Inc.

Walk light, smell right, head held high with Buff-Rite! The sole supplier of wartime sanitation products for our boys in WWII. Closed due to lack of demand after the war but here by honorable (and patriotic!) mention.


Stars Hollow’s shared space of worship. Home to the congregations of both Reverend Skinner and Rabbi Barans. The Rabbi and Reverend would like the town to know that they answer to a higher power and not to town statutes.

Doose’s Market

Our town’s #1 source of farm-fresh produce and household items. Owned by town selectman and proprietor, Taylor Doose. Our market serves the townspeople all year long, unlike hippie freak farmer’s markets.

Dragonfly Inn

Established in 2004, the historic Dragonfly Inn (previously owned by the Weston family) was restored to its former glory by Lorelai Gilmore and Sookie St. James. It’s the preferred inn for town visitors. Norman Mailer drinks tea here!


If you’re searching for the perfect place to sit in Stars Hollow, look no further. Our gazebo is situated in the square and offers the best view in town. Please avoid at night as Kirk sometimes sleeps here due to his night terrors.

Gypsy’s Garage

Need a fix? Go to Gypsy’s. She can repair anything, no matter how many times she says she can’t. If your car has nothing to fix but you still want it fixed, she’ll make it happen.

Harry’s House of Twinkle Lights

Harry’s House of Twinkle Lights was an integral part of this town for 20 years. We celebrate Harry the Twinkle Light Man from Harry’s House of Twinkle Lights Day yearly.


The burgers here are…not very good. Sorry Jojo.

Kim’s Antiques

We sell the finest certified antiques. You break it, you buy it. We appreciate your business.

Le Chat Club

Stars Hollow’s one stop shop for all things cat. Excellent gifts for cats and cat owners but not for girlfriends who do not own cats. A note for our customers, Cat Kirk is no longer permitted in the store. You can all feel safe now.

Luke’s Diner

Luke’s Diner is known for having the best coffee in town. Although his business is a fixture here, Mr. Danes did not want to be a part of this directory. We included him anyway. No cell phones allowed.

Mailboxes, Etc.

Mailing, notary, and even divorce services. Stamps, too! From dancing toast to the popular Lucille Ball(s). Inquire about Kirk’s custom mailboxes. His Condoleezza Rice or realistic sheep boxes will add whimsy to your yard.

Miss Patty’s School of Ballet

Come to Miss Patty’s and you’ll learn more than dance. Spending her entire life in the business we call show, Miss Patty will teach you the ways of ballet, cage dancing with Tito Puente, and the sensuality of plums.

Sophie’s Music

A mentor to town band, Hep Alien, and (so we hear) a catchy songwriter herself, Sophie Bloom has brought her big city artistry to our little town. Her only rules: No touching the instruments. But if you do, wash your hands.

Stars Hollow Arcade

Stars Hollow may not have a local watering hole, but we still have fun here! Whether you’re taking a break from the ball and chain or kicking back after work, you can drown your sorrows in mostly nonviolent games!

Stars Hollow Beauty Supply

Our town’s source for all things beauty. Whether you need the perfect face cream (ask Kirk) or want to spontaneously dye your hair a color your mother will despise, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Stars Hollow Books

Owned by local Stars Hollow citizen, Andrew, our town bookstore is the perfect place for brooding book worms and dictionary enthusiasts alike. Find your solace in the stacks at Stars Hollow Books.

Stars Hollow High School

Stars Hollow High proudly says the Pledge of Allegiance in 6 different languages. Home of the Stars Hollow High Minutemen athletics and the multi-regional-semi-final-attending hockey team!

Stars Hollow Video

Head to Stars Hollow Video for your next movie night. We’ve got top VHS selections for all tastes. Please note that inappropriate films (Showgirls) will be placed behind the Rory curtain to protect our children’s innocence.

Taylor’s Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe

Taylor’s Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe is an authentic turn of the century treat. A wholesome hang for kids of every age. Enjoy a perfectly scooped sundae with a Taylor Tip!

The Hungry Diner

Need a little pick me up? Head to the Hungry Diner! Their delicate little cups of coffee will perk you up in a jiff! A sound alternative to a morning at Luke’s!

Tricky’s Dry Cleaners

The official cleaners of the Stars Hollow Minutemen. Remember: If it’s sticky, try Tricky’s!

Weston’s Bakery

Lovingly ran by dearly departed Fran, Weston’s is the place for pastries, pies, cakes, and coffee. The best spot in town for a pick-me-up! Planning a wedding? Join us for a complimentary wedding cake tasting!