Spring has Sprung in Stars Hollow!

Our little town is doing big things this season! Upcoming events include:

Bid-on-A-Basket Fundraiser: Sure to raise big money and cause plenty of romantic drama, this event is something you cannot miss. Want to participate? Sign up here and tell us what’s in your basket!

Stars Hollow Spring International Food Festival: 195 countries and a town full of dedicated participants will bring a dish from every part of the world to the table! Seriously, every country better show up or Taylor will be very angry.

The Stars Hollow Pride Parade: Guys, Stars Hollow simply doesn’t have enough participants for this one. We’re looking for volunteers from neighboring towns!


Founded in 1779, and widely agreed upon as Connecticut’s most historically rich community, Stars Hollow is the ultimate tourism destination. And only 30 minutes from Hartford by car! The Spring season in Stars Hollow is packed with town events. Don’t forget to check our Town Updates section for the latest! All events (and this website!) are organized by our leader and town selectman, Taylor Doose.